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Would you like to hike in the remote areas of the Canadian Rockies? Are you planning the perfect holiday road trip around New Zealand? Are you intirigued by the complex world of via ferratas in the Italian Dolomites? You came to the right place!

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If you stumbled upon my website, there is a fairly good chance that you love road trips, being outdoors and above all, photography. Good news! You are in the right spot.


I have been travelling for more than 15 years, eventually turning my passion into a full time job - creating hiking, photography and road trip guides to my favourite travel destinations around the World. See them below!


At the beginning of 2020 a new furry friend joined me on my travels providing constant companionship and lots of entertainment!


- Marta and Jasper

MY road trip, photography and Trekking Guides

Canadian Rockies

Focused on two famous Canadian Provinces: Alberta and British Columbia this guide will show you the most beautiful corners of the Canadian Rockies.

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New Zealand Alps

Explore the glacier-shaped valleys, moon-like volcanic landscapes and world class beaches of this little nation tucked away in the far corner of the World.

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Italian Dolomites

Discover the via ferratas, read about the mountain hut culture, plan a hut to hut hike and learn where to capture stunning photographs in the Italian Dolomites

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