Visiting Lebua State Tower in Bangkok

If you’re looking for a unique view of Bangkok at night you should head to Lebua State Tower. You might recognize it’s rooftop bar and restaurant, that is located on the 63rd floor, from the Hangover 2. They even serve a special drink called hangovertini there, but unfortunately it comes with a high price tag (like everything else in this place). The venue brands itself as the highest open air bar and restaurant in the world. 

blue hour
blue hour

Getting there

The best way to get there is by taxi and it should cost around 90 Baht from the Koh San Road (you need to insist on the driver using the meter). The journey takes around 30 minutes. The rooftop bar opens at 6 pm, but if you will want to get a taxi around that time it is going to be really hard to find a driver because of the rush hour. Taxi drivers in Bangkok will not agree on using the meter. I was quoted prices between 200-400 baht. I think the most logical way to go about it is to go to Lebua State Tower before the rush hour starts and hang out in the area until the bar opens. As for the address, you can just tell the taxi drive the name of the building and he will know where to go. 

Tips for visiting

  • It didn’t seem like there was a strict dress code whilst visiting the bar, but if you want to fit in you should definitely be aware of what you're wearing. I imagine that no flip flops or shorts are allowed and you should avoid the ‘backpacker look’, you know, the look, that says you haven’t showered in a few days ;)
  • The bar opens at 6PM and it gets crowded pretty quickly, so you should get there as early as possible to catch the sunset, enjoy the blue hour and the city’s skyline after dark.
  • There are no tripods, backpacks or big bags allowed. You will have to leave everything with the security downstairs so you might as well not bring it with you. All cameras are permitted though and there are plenty of railings to prop your camera for some long exposure shots
  • There is no admission fee for the bar, but make sure you have some money on you because the bar is horrendously expensive and the waiters won’t leave you alone until you order. To give you an idea on pricing a 0,3L beer costs 400 baht and a 0,2L Cola costs 300 baht. There is also 10% service tax and 7% government tax on each order. We shared 1 small beer and paid almost 500 baht (12€)! That's the most expensive drink I’ve ever had in my life and I try to justify it as a small admission fee for the million dollar view. 
The bar is only a small part of the whole area
The bar is only a small part of the whole area

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