10 Awesome Photography Spots Around Queenstown In New Zealand

10 awesome photography spots in Queenstown, New Zealand
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Take one of the most beautiful countries in the world. New Zealand. Now take one of the most gorgeous areas of New Zealand. The Southern Alps.


Now take one of the most breathtaking towns in The Southern Alps. And you get Queenstown.


It doesn’t matter how popular it is or it isn’t, or how big it comes to grow to. The fact is that Queenstown and its surroundings are breathtaking and no one can ever take that away.


After all, nature has worked hard over millions of years to create the stunning backdrop scenery for this town.


If you are following my travel itinerary around the South Island, Queenstown will be one of your main stops. I hope you’ve brought some proper camera gear with you, because now it will be the time to use it!



10 awesome photography spots in Queenstown, New Zealand

1. One Mile Carpark


A 5 minute walk out of the town centre One Mile Car Park offers fantastic vistas over the lake Wakatipu toward The Remarkable Mountain Range and straight over to Cecil Peak.


It also gives a good vantage point to look over to Queenstown gardens too. Whether you want to get snapshots of sun rising above the Remarkables or last light hitting Walter's Peak you can't go wrong with this one. 


2. Ben Lomond Summit

Best photography spots in Queenstown: Ben Lomond Summit


A steady uphill hike and one of the best trekking routes in the whole of New Zealand, this summit will give you views like no other. An unbelievable 360 panoramic vantage point over all surrounding mountains. If you’re brave, do it through the night and enjoy sunrise on the top.

3. Queenstown Gardens

Best photography spots in Queenstown: Queenstown Gardens


Queenstown gardens is a picturesque place, perfect for an afternoon round of frisbee golf, a quiet picnic or just a stroll around with your camera.


Follow the hiking path from the beachfront near the town centre for around 10 minutes to the other side of the gardens and you will be greeted by this spectacular view. Best time for photos is late afternoon and sunset. Watch the Remarkables mountain range turn red as the sun sets behind neighbouring hills. 


4. Jack's Point

Best photography spots in Queenstown: Jack's Point


Jack’s point is a short drive away from Queenstown (15 minutes) but it’s like a completely different place. Instead of having the view of The Remarkables you’ll be directly underneath them.  


It's one of those places where you find yourself thinking how nice it would be to own a house here. Sigh...one day when I hit the jackpot in a lottery. The little lake right by the golf clubhouse creates stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains on a windless day. 


5. Queenstown Hill

Best photography spots in Queenstown: Queenstown Hill


One of the best hikes in Queenstown, that has a great effort to views ratio. The hill north east of the town centre offers sentinel views over the Lake Hayes, Coronet Peak and of course, Lake Wakatipu. 

6. Bob's Peak/Skyline Gondola


At the top of the gondola, there’s an incredible chance to see Queenstown at night. The lights of the city shimmering below snow capped peaks. It’s definitely one of my choices for the most photogenic spots. Be warned though, that a lot other photography enthusiasts may think the same.


If you want to escape the crowds, walk for another 10-15 minutes uphill, past the luge and forest until you get to a clearing where the paragliders take off. You will find yourself in a whole different world with hardly anywhere else in sight!


7. Lake Hayes

Best photography spots in Queenstown: Lake Hayes


Another great photo spot in Queenstown is lake Hayes. On a still day you can expect some reflections of the surrounding mountains.


If you happen to be in the area during autumn, the trees along the lakeshore turn into beautiful shades of yellow and red. A morning fog on a cold morning is also not uncommon during this time of the year. If you drive over the Crown Range Road, one of the most scenic roads in New Zealand, you'll go past this lake. 


8. Moke Lake

Best photography spots in Queenstown: Moke Lake


On the road towards Glenorchy, which is an incredible drive with plenty of photo opportunities in itself, there’s a little right hand turn which leads to Moke Lake.


Moke Lake is a horseshoe shaped lake which is great to hike around and offers fantastic reflections, especially in the winter. Astrophotographers paradise!


9. Shotover Canyon

Best photography spots in Queenstown: Shotover Canyon


If you decide to go jetboating in Queenstown, which is a fun activity, chances are you’ll be racing in and out of the Shotover Canyon. Seen from the viewing platform however is awesome too. Even prince William and Kate Middleton couldn't say no to this view when they visit New Zealand few years ago!


Maybe Harry and Meghan will come here too!!!


10. Old Glenorchy Wharf

Best photography spots in Queenstown: Old Glenorchy Wharf


Driving down the Glenorchy Road for about 30 minutes you get a small abandoned jetty on the left hand side. Blink and you’ll miss it. You won't be blinking though, it's one of the most beautiful roads in the country. This photo spot is where to spend a sunset or two. Stay until it gets dark and you might be able to get some aurora glow when looking South!


I hope you enjoyed my recommendations for best photography spots in Queenstown. As always this is not a complete list and I feel like I just scratched the surface. I hope this list will help you with planning your visit!


A word of advice from me would be to explore and try to capture something different. Remember that by walking 10 minutes off the path will reward you with some unique compositions. Thanks for reading. Happy Snapping!



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