Wondering who is behind all this?

I always smile a lot
I always smile a lot

Hi everyone. My name is Marta, a while ago I decided to quit my 9-5 Job, sold everything I owned to travel the world……STOP! That is not true (apart from my name)! I've never even had a 9 to 5 Job and never had to sell my car or house or furniture, I've never really owned anything that expensive, well, maybe a few DSLR cameras, but I am certainly not selling those, because my cameras always travel with me.




I am a traveller, photographer, blogger, expat, sometimes troublemaker and most of all a regular person with big dreams!


I am Polish

I was born and raised in Poland a country that a lot of people, which I met on the road, couldn’t point out on a map. A country with a big history, great cuisine, extremely welcoming people and very underrated among tourists, but luckily that is slowly changing. 


I've been out of Poland for over 9 years now, but I always get very nostalgic when I think about my home country. I go back there very frequently to visit my family, who still lives there. 


I speak four languages

My friend and I on Isle of Eigg in Scotland
My friend and I on Isle of Eigg in Scotland

Yes, you read correctly, four, and none of them perfectly! 


Polish is my native language, but with each year I spend abroad, my polish gets worse and worse. I am a bit ashamed to say that!


I learned English during my 2,5 years in the USA, where I worked as an au pair, and during 2 summers I spent working and travelling through Scotland. 


I also lived, studied and worked in Germany for over 4 years combined. First near Frankfurt am Main, then in Potsdam and the last 2 years in Berlin. That is how I picked up German. 


Spanish was and still is a great passion of mine. I picked up quite a lot doing a course at the University in Germany and then through venturing for 7 months through South America. Seriously! There is no better way to learn a language than to spend some time in a country where it is spoken.  



I am a photographer

A kiss from Nacho the monkey in the Amazon Jungle
A kiss from Nacho the monkey in the Amazon Jungle

I want to show you the world through my lens and give you few tips on travelling along the way. 

I have just spent one year on a working holiday visa in New Zealand which forever changed me (I know it sound cheesy, but it did), followed by 6 months in Australia and I am currently based in the Canadian Rockies exploring the best photo spots and outdoor places in this beautiful part of the world. 


 You can follow my journey on this blog, facebooktwitter, google+ and instagram, Thanks! Marta

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