Welcome to the Best Outdoor and Photography Guide to Canada on the Internet!

Why is this guide the best you may wonder? It's thorough, personal, highly visual, unbiased and complete free! I know, it may sound a bit self-flattering. Haven't I heard of Lonely Planet or Frommer's? Yes I have! I have even met and spoken with their writers! I remember how disappointed I was, the first time I learned, that those guidebooks are financed by all the companies enlisted in them! That's right in order to be in the guidebook, the company pays the publisher,  ultimately making the guidebook extremely biased! How is that supposed to guide anyone? 


If you still need convincing why this Photography and Outdoor Travel Guide to Canada will be the best help in planning your vacation in this country scroll down to read why!



1. It's Thorough


I have spent more than a year travelling around Canada. I’ve experienced all 4 seasons. I've learned the meaning of frostbite during the Canadian winter and melted during the intense summer. I’ve ran into many bears during many hikes and have been bitten by countless mosquitos when camping in the backcountry. I have walked thousands of kilometres along the trails and spent many hours doing on hand research. The guide has been divided into three sections: Photography Guide, Hiking Guide and Travel Tips and Road Trip Itineraries in order to make it as transparent and easy to follow as possible. 


2. It's Personal


Any hikes, experiences and activities described and recommended in the guide were done, visited and photographed by me personally. It’s not stock photography and dry encyclopedia information. My recommendations are personal and my tips and itineraries will help you get the best out of your vacation in Canada! 


3. It's Highly Visual


Nothing grind my gears more then when I pick up yet another guide book  (ahmmm lonely planet), and I see pages and pages of (paid) recommendations, but hardly any pictures! We live in a visual era! Images are important to understand what you may be missing out if you decide to skip one place or another. The photographs, I take, will transport you onto the visual journey, before you even get here yourself!      


4. It's Independent


My trip was self financed hence the information in this guide is unbiased! None of the articles in the guides are sponsored content. None of the tour companies, hotels, app providers and booking systems, I recommend, have paid me to advertise here. On very few occasions I have participated in activities, with local tour providers, free of charge, but have remained the right to my personal opinion, when including them in the guide. 


5. It's Completely Free!


You’ve heard that right. All information provided in this guide is completely free for your personal* use! You are welcome to share it with anyone who may find it helpful. If you have further questions, simply comment below the articles and I will answer as thoroughly as I can! All I ask in exchange is that you use affiliate links provided in the articles. Every time you book something (accommodation, car, motorhome) I get paid a small commission at no cost to you. Don't worry I only recommend established companies that I use myself. Thank you!


*All text and photos are protected under copyright law and cannot be redistributed and republished in any way for advertising purposes, without my explicit written permission.