Day Hikes In The Canadian Rockies and Beyond

With 5 national parks and numerous other provincial parks established in the Canadian Rockies, these mountains are meant to be hiked. 


Even though I managed to tick off quite a few amazing day hikes in both the Alberta and British Colombia part of the Rockies, I still feel like I have only scratched the surface. It feels like for every hike I do, I add another two to my bucket list. The truth is a lifetime wouldn't be enough to hike them all. 


In this section of my Canadian Rockies and Beyond Guide I will introduce you to some of my favourite day hikes  emphasising on three areas: Kananaskis Country, Lake Louise in Banff National Park as well as Jasper National Park. 

Top Day Hikes In The Canadian Rockies

Are you wondering what my favorite day hikes in the Rockies are? I finally reveal my personal top 10!

14 Beautiful Day Hikes In Canmore And Kananaskis

Often overlooked by tourists Kananaskis country is my favorite area for hiking in the Canadian Rockies. 

Top 12 Hikes And Excursions In Jasper National Park

Do you want to see Jasper beyond the boot beaten tourist trail? Check out some of these awesome hikes in the biggest National Park of the Rockies

Where to Hike In Lake Louise In Banff NP

In the core area of Banff NP you'll find many trails disappearing gleefully off into the mountains, offering incredible alpine vistas.

Hiking The Pocaterra Ridge In Kananaskis Country

My personal recount on hiking along the Pocaterra ridge in Kananaskis country in Canada. The post includes helpful tips and information about the hike. 

Ha Ling Peak - My Sunrise Hike Experience

Have you ever wondered what it's like to hike up through darkness to catch a sunrise on the top of a mountain in -20 degrees celsius? 

A Scramble Up Smutwood Peak In Kananaskis Country

Find out practical information on how to get to the summit of Smutwood Peak for some jaw dropping views of Mount Birdwood and the surroundings.

Hiking The Indian Ridge In Jasper National Park

Searching for a challenge when hiking in Jasper National Park?  Try the Indian Ridge! The views from the top are some of the best in the Rockies.

A Spring Hike On The Elfin Lakes Trail In Garibaldi Provincial Park

Hiking in the Spring? Get your snowshoes out and get ready to get your feet wet!