Hiking Guide to the Berg Lake Trail

The Ultimate Guide To The Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park in Canada

The Berg Lake Trail is amongst my favorite multiday hikes in the Canadian Rockies. 


This moderate 42 km hike will take you through diverse landscapes including turquoise lakes, waterfalls, glaciers and around the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies - Mount Robson. 


I first read about this hike when I was doing a research for my move to Canada last year. I scrolled through hundreds of pictures on instagram and google to see what I could expect!


It was later recommended to me again by a couple of friends I made whilst hiking in the Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. 


They spoke about it so enthusiastically I didn't even give my legs a chance to rest properly before I packed my backpack again and drove from Canmore all the way to Jasper and then to Mount Robson Provincial Park to tackle the trail. I can just say, it was all worth the effort!

Hiking Guide to Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park In British Columbia, Canada

Guide to Berg Lake Trail - Mount Robson Provincial Park in Canada


The trailhead for the Berg Lake Trail is just minutes away from the Mount Robson visitor centre and around an hour (ca 90km) drive west from Jasper on highway number 16.


I decided to spend the night sleeping in my camper van on the parking lot in front of the visitor centre, to be ready to take off the next day, as early in the morning as possible.


Since it was later in September prior campsite bookings were not required and I paid for the camping permit on the trail at the visitor centre in the morning before setting off. However with ever growing popularity of this hike getting a permit on the spot would be very difficult nowadays. 


If you are planning to do the hike during the official season (roughly between July and September) I would highly recommend booking your camping spot as soon as the reservation system opens. Bookings for the 2018 season opened on October 1st 2017!  You can check the current fees and make reservations directly with BC Parks Discover Camping Reservation Centre. 


Upon registering, other hikers and I had to watch an old school video about the proper conduct on the trail. The video gives you some information about the park and how to be a good visitor. Take only photographs and leave only footprints, and for crying out loud don't leave you trash behind!


It's worth mentioning check-in at the visitor centre is mandatory and you are better off following the rules. You are heading into backcountry! You don't want to end up like the guy from "127 hours" now do you? 

Berg Lake Trail breakdown

Mount Robson at sunset - Hiking Guide to Berg Lake Trail in Canada


The track is well set up with multiple campsites that contain the usual: bear lockers/hooks, running water, grey water pits, outhouses and cooking areas. Don't expect any luxury though. Unlike the Mount Assiniboine or Lake O'hara hikes, there are no huts or backcountry lodges where you can sleep in. Your only option is camping. 


The hike starts a few hundreds metres away from the visitor centre at the Mount Robson car park. If you are a traveller and don't feel comfortable leaving your valuables in the car, you can rent a locker at the visitor centre for a few dollars/day and have peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe. 


Part 1: Trailhead to Kinney Lake

Kinney Lake. Guide to Berg Lake Trail in Canada
Kinney Lake


From the trailhead the wide well maintained path leads slightly uphill following the left hand side of the Robson River.


After 7km of hiking through the beautiful forest you’ll arrive at the first campsite on the shore of Kinney Lake.


Although Kinney Lake is stunning I don’t think it’s far enough in to really maximize your experience.


Take a break at the lake shore, have a snack and let's keep going! You are only just getting started! 




Part 2: Kinney Lake to Emperor Falls

Emperor Falls. Guide to Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park, Canada
Emperor Falls

Leaving the lake behind you eventually head out onto the valley bottom. Hiking in between huge peaks on either side, it’s spectacular and you’re probably thinking “wow this is so easy, I should do more hikes like this”.


Don’t be fooled, the difficult part is coming up pretty quickly.


After passing the second campsite at Whitehorn you start to head up the mountain and into the Valley of a Thousand Falls. To put things in perspective, so far you gained 350m elevation in 11km. Easy peasy eh? You’re now about to gain over 500 m elevation in 5km.


Now this sounds achievable to day hikers but just remember you’ll be wearing a big backpack. 


If you want to take it easy or if you left the trailhead later in the day you can hike to Whitehorn campsite on the first day, stay the night and tackle the more challenging part early the next day when rested.


If however, you are relatively fit and left early enough you shouldn't have any trouble continuing onwards.


Just remember your campsites are booked in advance, so if you haven't planned to camp here beforehand, you have to keep going!


After a challenging 5k uphill battle take a well deserved rest at the Emperor Falls Campground. Congratulate yourself as you've done the hard part. I hope you remembered to stop at all the beautiful waterfalls, especially the very impressive Emperor Falls.



Part 3: Emperor Falls to Marmot Campground

Guide to Berg Lake Trail - Mount Robson Provincial Park in Canada


Once you go past the Emperor Falls campground the trail flattens out again. After another 3 km you will find yourself at the shore of Berg Lake and will get the first glimpse of the beautiful reflection of the north east facing side of Mount Robson and its glaciers.  


Stay the first night at the Marmot campground and find a spot on the lake shore to capture the last light illuminating the top of Mount Robson.


At night you can hear colossal pieces of ice calving off the nearby glaciers, falling on the mountain slopes & into the lake. The loud noise woke me up few times at night, with my heart pounding and my mind half asleep, telling me it was grizzly bear growling just outside of my tent. 



Part 4: Marmot to Berg Lake Campground

Guide to Berg Lake Trail - Mount Robson Provincial Park in Canada


Early the second day pack your backpack and head to the Berg Lake campsite which will be your base for exploring the area.  It's only further 2 km easy stroll through the forest along the western side of Berg lake.


I highly recommend staying 2 nights at the Berg Lake Campsite to get a good taste of what the park has got to offer and to be able to explore beyond the trail. 


There are few day hikes you can do from the Berg Lake campsite which offer spectacular views of the surrounding areas. 

Additional hiking routes near Berg Lake Trail


From either the Marmot or Berg Lake Campsite there’s a myriad of hiking trails going further up into the mountains or out to the quickly retreating Robson Glacier.


My favourite side trip from here is the Toboggan Falls Route, which leads steeply up the falls and then swings right onto the Mumm Basin Route, from here you’ll have spectacular views of well, pretty much everything actually. Just look at the photos above.


Below information source: BC Parks

  • Hargreaves Lake Route (1/2 day): From Marmot campsite near Berg Lake, this route climbs to Hargreaves Lake and Glacier. From the viewpoint, the trail continues and crosses the Toboggan Falls Route on course to the Mumm Basin.
  • Toboggan Falls Route (2 hours, return): From the trailhead at the Toboggan Creek bridge near Berg Lake campsite, the trail climbs to Toboggan Falls and the surrounding alpine basin. This route intersects the Hargreaves Lake and Mumm Basin routes. 
  • Mumm Basin Route (1/2 day): A steep alpine trail leads to views of the alpine lakes, mountains and glaciers. The trail can start or end in Robson Pass or Berg Lake campsites.
  • Snowbird Pass Route (1 day): Snowbird Pass is closed May and June due to caribou calving. A challenging route marked by rock cairns (caution required), it provides spectacular views of the back of Mount Robson. From berg Lake campsite the trip is 22 km, return. Start north of Rearguard campsite, follow Robson River then travel up to Robson Glacier’s moraine. Hike up to an alpine meadow, beyond which is Snowbird Pass. 

Packing essentials for the Berg Lake Trail

Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial PArk in Canada


As you'll be carrying enough for a 3 night/4 day hike you'll want to make sure that your belongings are as light, durable and practical as possible.


With camping gear I believe that if "you buy cheap, you buy twice". You're always better off investing slightly more money in a better, long lasting product, that will make your experience more enjoyable.


Over the years I've been through all different types of equipment but I can finally say that the gear I have now, is the best I've ever owned. 


Osprey Ariel AG 65 liters


When I first tried this backpack on I had no idea how its anti gravity harness system will  positively influence each backpacking experience, I've had since.  Guys following my site you should check out the men's version

Sea to Summit Comfort Light Sleeping Pad


Getting a good nights rest after hiking with a heavy load the whole day is essential. This sleeping pad will not only keep you insulated from the ground, but it will keep you comfy too. My advice is to go with the larger size!


MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Person tent


I've had this tent for years now and used it for 3 weeks in Iceland, where it was tested against some crazy winds, as well as for every single backpacking trip I did in the Rockies. So far I have no tears and all the poles are still intact.  Grab a tent footprint too, to prolong the life of your tent. 

Black Diamond Carbon Trekking Poles


I recently left my pair on a parking lot after the hike and drove off.  When I noticed my mistake it was too late to go back. I couldn't get over it for a whole week, I ordered a second pair without any hesitation. At 300 grams a pair their weight is hard to beat. 




MSR Pocket Rocket Camping Stove


This folding canister stove is my constant companion on any backpacking trip ensuring I have hot meals every evening of my trip. For its small size it is incredibly efficient and it supports a wide range and size of camping pots. 







The Platypus GravityWorks 2.0 filter


Having the filter with me means I don't have to carry a lot of water and can refill my water bladder on the go. It's lightweight, filters thousands of litres of water and although the initial cost is higher than other options (e.g. tablets), the cost/litre in the long run is unbeatable. 


Hydrapak Shape-Shift Water Reservoir 3L


Staying hydrated is very important when hiking. It speeds up your recovery atop dozens of other reasons why drinking water is important. I prefer to have instant access to my water hence I always use hydration bladder. After owning 3 different brands, this one is by far my favourite. 

LuminAid solar inflatable lantern


One of the best gifts I've ever received. This tiny lantern is always attached to the outside of my backpack where it recharges during the day. The light it gives is enough to play games in the tent and or cook in the evening. 



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