Day Hikes In The Italian Dolomites

The intricate network of trails in the Dolomites can be overwhelming. Pick up any map of one of the many regions of the Dolomites and you will be faced with a challenge - a spider web of trails and via ferratas crossing each other every so often.  


There are of course the classics: Lago di Braies, Tre Cime Circuit or Lake Sorapiss, but with fame come the negative aspects - the crowds. Dolomites aren't exactly a hidden gem and with the increasing tourism, the number of people on the trails is also growing. 


Whilst the classics became famous for a reason, if you prefer off the beaten path destinations you will have to dig a little deeper. Below I present you with some of my favourite day hikes in the Italian Dolomites. From the busy ones, to those, where you will only bump into a few locals. 

Top Day Hikes

15 of my favourite day hikes in the Italian Dolomites taking from 1 hour to a full day to complete. 

Lake Sorapiss

A beautiful half day hike to the turquoise Lake Sorapiss -a true jewel of the Italian Dolomites.                     

Piz Boè Summit

Piz Boè is one of the easiest to tackle summits reaching over 3000 meters with a fantastic hut built right on the top. 

Fiscalina Valley

A great day hike ending at the foot of one of the most scenic mountains in the Dolomites - Croda Dei Toni.


Passo Del Mulaz

A challenging day hike to Passo del Mulaz with stunning views over Passo Farangole in the Pale di San Martino Group. 

Vajolet Towers

A classic day hike in the Rosengarten group with some sections of light scrambling & dramatic views of the Vajolet Towers

Tre Cime Circuit

A classic half day loop around the famous Three Peaks in the Tre Cime National Park. Don't miss out the via ferrata extensions!

Seceda Ridgeline

Another popular destination particularly amongst photographers. Tips on hiking to Seceda ridgeline and the Puez Ödle altiplano. 

Lagazuoi Tunnels

These vertical tunnels drilled blindly by the Italian troops during War World I enable the visitors today to witness the horrific conditions the soldiers had to put up with. 

Croda Da Lago

One of my personal favourite day hikes. A beautiful circuit around the jagged Croda Da Lago with Lake Federa being the highlight of the trail.

Cinque Torri

A hike to an open air museum right underneath the peaks of Cinque Torri (Five Towers), high above Passo Falzarego. 

Lago Di Braies

The ultimate destination amongst tourists heading for the Dolomites. This article contains tips on visiting Lago di Braies.