Via Ferratas Of The Italian Dolomites

With over 40 via ferrata routes under my belt (and counting) I have decided to create a separate section for my Italian Dolomites Guide dedicated to mountain adventurers who would like to take hiking to the next level. 


Below you will find three individual articles about my favourite beginner, intermediate and advanced via ferratas which I had tackled over the two seasons which I spent in the Dolomites.


I have also written detailed articles for majority of these routes, including information on elevation gain, distance, starting points and the nearest towns, where you can base yourself if you want to scramble along any of these routes. 

Beginner Via Ferratas

Perfect beginner routes for anyone who would like to dip their toes into the via ferrata World of the Italian Dolomites. 

Intermediate Via Ferratas

Slightly more difficult via ferrata routes with higher exposure and longer cable time for anyone who is ready for a challenge. 

Advanced Via Ferratas

If you have already done a few via ferratas before or are already an experienced climber then these advanced routes are for you! 

Beginner's Guide to Via Ferrata Climbing

Everything you ought to know before venturing onto your first via ferrata in the Dolomites. 

Via Ferratas Near Cortina

From beginner to advanced this comprehensive list will prove that Cortina is the place to be when it comes down to visiting the Dolomites. 

Giro Del Sorapiss

The exhilarating full day circuit consisting of three separate via ferratas will take you around the Sorapiss mountain range.

Level: Intermediate 


Short but mighty route to the summit of Mount Averau offering some of the best sunset views in the Italian Dolomites. 

Level: Beginner 

Bolver Lugli

Via ferrata Bolver Lugli located in the quieter Pale Di San Martino range is a blissful day in the mountains for any keen scrambler.

Level: Advanced

Giovanni Lipella

Ending at the summit of Tofana di Rozes, via ferrata Giovanni Lipella incorporates a World War I tunnel and a decent exposure in the heart-stopping amphitheater of rock. Level: Advanced

Sentiero Massimiliano

A beautiful traverse along the Terrarossa ridgeline in the Rosengarten Nature Park. 


Level: Intermediate

Ivano Dibona

A very diverse route with a lot of distinct features along the way, including old World War I bunkers and Hollywood famous suspension bridge! 

Level: Intermediate 

Ra Bujela

Excellent short excursion which can be completed in only a couple of hours, yet you can still expect fantastic almost 360 degrees view of the surrounding peaks. 

Level: Intermediate


Another classic route of the Tre Cime National Park, via ferrata Innerkofler takes you to the summit of Monte Paterno. 

Level: Beginner


Via ferrata to the highest summit in the Rosengarten group - Catinnacio D'Antermoia


Level: Beginner

Passo Santner

Another classic in the Rosengarten group, via ferrata Passo Santner ends at a mountain pass with jaw dropping vistas of the Vajolet Towers. 

Level: Beginner 

Oskar Schuster

Taking you through the many dramatic spires of Sassolungo and culminating on the summit of Sassopiato. 

Level: Intermediate 

Sass Rigais

This must do route in the Puez Ödle Nature Park culminates on the highest summit of the famous Seceda Ridgeline

Level: Beginner 

Gran Cir

Via ferrata Gran Cir, though short and easy, ends on a summit with beautiful and unique views over the Sella mountain group. 

Level: Beginner 

Strada Degli Alpini

A beautiful traverse along the ledges of the Western face of Cima Undici in the Tre Cime National Park. 


Level: Beginner

Degli Alleghesi

Culminating at the top of the meanest looking mountains in the Dolomites - Monte Civetta, via ferrata Degli Alleghesi is a true endurance tester.  

Level: Advanced 


One of the oldest iron paths in the Italian Dolomites, via ferrata Pössnecker explores the moon like landscapes of the Sella mountain group. 

Level: Advanced 

Marino Bianchi

Your calves won't forget this one for a long time, but the tiring approach will quickly be compensated by the awesome views from the top of Monte Cristallo.

Level: Intermediate

Masarè & Roda De Vaèl

Two separate routes condensed into one full day of excellent scrambling ending on the summit of Roda De Vaél. 

Level: Intermediate 

Degli Alpini Al Col Dei Bos

Great half day route with minimal approach time. Perfect for the impatient adventurers who don't want to waste energy on hiking. 

Level: Intermediate

Michielli Strobel

This route takes you to one of the summits of the Pomagagnon ridgeline high above Cortina with excellent views of Mt Pelmo, Tofane and Sorapiss Groups. 

Level: Intermediate  

Ra Gusela

This via ferrata culminates on the well known summit of Ra Gusela, known from many photographs taken from Passo Giau. 

Level: Beginner

Torre Di Toblin

With only 90 minutes from the hut to the summit of Torre Di Toblin this via ferrata offers fantastic effort to views ratio!

Level: Intermediate 


A heart-pounding procession of ladders culminating on the summit of Cima Cadin with impressive views over the south face of Tre Cime.

Level: Intermediate

Brigata Tridentina

A classic in the Corvara area, this route scales the north face of the Sella group ending at a beautiful high alpine lake. 

Level: Intermediate