New Zealand in a Week - South Island Travel Itinerary


See the best of New Zealand's South Island in this detailed itinerary that covers some of my favorite spots in the country. 


One Week New Zealand Travel Itinerary

New Zealand's North and South Island - Two Week Self Drive Road Trip Itinerary


Choose this itinerary if you only have two weeks to travel around New Zealand and want to see the best of both islands.

New Zealand's North And South Island: Two Week Self Drive Road Trip Itinerary

The Ultimate Four Week Self Drive Travel Itinerary around New Zealand


Perfect itinerary for long term travellers in New Zealand. It encompasses both North and South Island and covers the best spots to visit.

The Ultimate Four Week Self Drive Travel Itinerary Around New Zealand

14 Day Road Trip Plan Around New Zealand's South Island for Mountain and Photography Lovers


If you love capturing beautiful landscapes with your camera and like to spend time outdoors this itinerary is for you!

2 week self drive road trip itinerary around New Zealand's South Island

Milford Sound - The 8th Wonder of the World in 8 Beautiful Photos...

...Plus 8 interesting facts and tips for visiting.

Why is it called sound and not fjord? A fascinating place where water can flow upwards and where it can rain more in a day than in some countries in a whole year!

7 Best Day Hikes in Queenstown, New Zealand


Many people come to Queenstown to experience its world renowned beauty, but few make the effort to see it from a different perspective. Don't make that mistake and go on a hike!

10 Awesome Photography Spots in Queenstown


My favourite spots for capturing the beauty of Queenstown and its surroundings.

18 Most Photogenic Places on the South Island of New Zealand


If you are a photographer looking for some spectacular locations to get the perfect shot you should check out this post. 

One Day Photographing Wanaka


Wanaka is one of the most beloved destinations in New Zealand for Landscape photographer. Come on visual one day journey around this beautiful town. 

10 Activities You Shouldn't Miss when Visiting Queenstown


I am certain you have heard of Queenstown being referred to as "The Adventure Capital of the World". Here are few you shouldn't miss. 

10 Most Scenic Roads in New Zealand's South Island


Do you like roller coasters? What if I told you New Zealand's roads were like them, but with stunning views as a bonus? 

10 Best Day Hikes on New Zealand's South Island


Discovering New Zealand by foot is probably the best way to see its untouched landscapes. For all hiking enthusiast!


30 Photos from New Zealand that Will Turn You into an Outdoor Person


A serious urge to travel to New Zealand might happen to you if you click on the link. You've been warned!


12 Things to Expect when Visiting New Zealand


Are you going to New Zealand on a vacation or to work? Here are few things you should expect!


Hiking the Tongariro Northern Circuit


My first plunge into stunning New Zealand's landscape - The Tongariro Northern Circuit known as 'MORDOR' 


Best Viewpoints in Auckland


If you are looking for the best vantage points in Auckland to take photos from, this post should help you to choose the best one. 


Photo Walk Through Wellington


Wellington is a capital like no other! Check out my photo walk through this charming New Zealand's city.


Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland in Pictures


Mind boggling lakes and geothermal wonders on the north island of New Zealand in pictures.